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Delta Property Care & Real Estate is your one-stop-shop for seamless property care and management solutions. We are a team of professionals with ample experience in the real estate sector, eager to provide quality services to all our clients. Through the journey of our experience, we’ve recognized the value of tangible property assets and extended their benefits through guided services. 

Value Adding Services For Owners

On-time rent collections every month

Don’t hassle yourself with rent collection when we’re in your corner. Sit back and relax while we make sure that all your tenants pay their dues on time!

Limited repair and maintenance expenses

Over time, as different aspects of your property start aging, repairs and maintenance become necessary. To avoid egregious expenses or hiring contractors that inflate charges, count on us to minimize the costs tied to repairs.

Zero renewal fee

Enjoy timely renewals that are free of charge whenever there is a vacancy. We ensure the property owner’s convenience through zero-cost lease agreements in case the premises becomes empty.

End to end tenant management

We don’t just collect the monthly rent. Our goal is to make sure that each tenant diligently follows the guidelines set by you! This guarantees minimal disruption to your property so that the chances of potential repairs remain scarce.

Value Adding Services For Investors

Qualified lead navigation

Leverage our technical expertise and track the market’s most qualified leads regularly. Our innovative propriety tools allow us to scan everything from pre-foreclosures to divorce rates! Ultimately, giving us an edge over others so we’re always in the loop.

Finalize the deal on your acquisition

Expend only what’s required and let the rest be at our expense! We provide all-inclusive acquisition in line with your feasibility. Clients must simply choose from a shopping list according to their budget. Once the prerequisites are out of the way, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the final elements of the deal.

Kickstart your commercial rental business today

Make the most of our reasonable fee and get your hands on the best properties in the market. As a customer-oriented company, we make sure that you’re never at a disadvantage.

We’re the best negotiators you’ll find

Negotiating for prices in the real estate market is all about knowing what to say. At Delta Property Care, we have ample experience negotiating to market competitive prices with partners. Since you already have a lot on your plate, we take care of the price bargaining on your behalf!

Why hire us to choose the right tenants

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more frustrating than a tenant who refuses to pay on time. As a property owner, you don’t deserve to hassle yourself with the monthly rut! But what if you could avoid all tenant-related problems and simply enjoy getting paid? That’s exactly what you get at Delta Property Care & Real Estate! We deploy a wholly stringent screening process to select qualified tenants. After several background checks and strict guidelines, only the most reliable individuals are chosen to live on your property.

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